You’ll die if you touch those mushrooms – My Grandma

You'll die if you touch those mushrooms. Basket full of chanterelles. Enable images to view.

You’ll die if you touch those mushrooms! It’s true my grandmother was under the impression that any mushroom growing in the wild was toxic enough to kill if you even touched it. My grandmother passed away in the early 2000’s but if she hadn’t I don’t know how she would feel about the work I do today. I literally went against everything she said about mushrooms and made it my life’s work. 

There is a lot of information out there about mushroom that is false. It’s a good idea to look at mushrooms like we so people. Some are fun, some are not, some are friendly, and some will kill you. Does that mean you should steer clear of all people? I guess that depends on who you talk to but my answer is no. Fungi are some of the oldest species on the planet and now in 2018 a wave of innovation is coming that features them. 

Your grandma was wrong, kids.

For starters, mushrooms will not make you sick by touching them. You will not absorb toxins through your skin and die. If you eat a mushrooms that is poisonous you will get sick and yes possibly die from that. That being said it is important to always know exactly what you are picking before you eat it. Not just mushrooms, anything you find in the wild. Best practices say… know what you are doing. 

It is also wise to know that hearing the fungi, fungus, mushrooms is not bad and should be no cause for panic. So many times in conversation I’ve used the word fungi or fungus only to have someone eavesdropping say “ew”. If you are looking for a 45 minute lecture on mycelium and it’s benefits by all means, act like that. I dare you. Fungi play such a huge role in the environment we would all die without them. So seriously, show some respect. 

Not all mushrooms will kill you and not all mycelium will grow on your skin and eat it. We need these organisms far more than most of us realize. A log that is rotting away in the forests should not be looked at in disgust. One day that log will be a new soil deposit packed with nutrients giving the next generation of vegetation a chance to flourish.

Fungi are the grand recyclers of life. They are the gateway and foundation of new life. Let’s start looking at them in a more positive light. So now you know if you hear someone say “you’ll die if you touch those mushrooms”. You can respond with “no the hell I won’t neither”. “Read a book”