Why Genetics Are Important In Mushroom Cultivation

Good genetic strains are vital to the success of your mushroom business.

why genetics are so important in mushroom cultivation. Double Helix DNA on Blue Background

Learn about why genetics are important in mushroom cultivation. You might have the best substrate recipes and grow room conditions but it might not be enough.

An often-overlooked reason you’re not getting the fruitbody development you seek is due to genetics. Genes are the basic units of biological information. They contain a genetic code that sets the rules for how the organism is to be structured.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins. The genetic code determines the sequences of amino acids which also determines how proteins are structured. Proteins are responsible for nearly all activities of cellular life.

If you are producing inadequate fruits and minimal yields genetics could be the cause. Especially if you are preparing the most efficient substrates combined with optimal environmental conditions.

The best substrates and environmental conditions only set the stage for the strain to produce to the best of its ability. If the biological information within the strain doesn’t have the code to instruct the organism to produce large fruits with abundant yields, then it’s not going to happen. Regardless of your skill level as a cultivator.

This is why genetics are important in mushroom cultivation. It takes a certain level of skill and the proper genetics within a strain to be a successful commercial cultivator.

Be selective about your cultures.

All strains are not created equal. Reach out to culture vendors and speak with them. What knowledge do they possess about their strain collection? What kind of understanding do they have about mushroom species in general? Do they understand senescence and cellular degradation?

Get to know those who produce cultures. Find a vendor you can trust. If you are going to be growing mushrooms for profit then you need access to strains with desirable genetics that can produce the yields you need.

You wouldn’t just buy a lawyer’s services over the internet without consulting with them first. The same with a doctor. If you are working in the field of mycology it should be no different for your culture vendor.

It is perfectly reasonable to be on a first-name basis and have open lines of communication in regards to the strains they offer.

“What if I reach out and they don’t respond?” Then move on. It’s not worth it to find out the hard way. You are spending good money to invest in your mycological career.

Unfortunately, there are culture vendors that prey on newcomers that don’t know any better. They bait them in with fancy marketing terms and low prices. I’ve witnessed time and again cultivators who blame themselves for poor results when it was the weak genetics of the strains.

It’s okay to be picky and it’s okay to develop a trusting relationship with your culture vendor. If they give you a hard time, seem nervous, or appear to lack knowledge they don’t deserve you.

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