Weekly mushroom culture deals! Various mushrooms growing from fruiting blocks. Enable images to view.

We’ve got weekly mushroom culture deals happening, starting today. Keep an eye out for our two weekly specials. We want to keep things fresh and fun while giving mushroom cultivators affordable access to species of mushrooms they dream about. It should be fun and affordable for all those who want to try their hand at mushroom cultivation.

Mycology is one of the pieces of the puzzle. You never know who the next innovator of biotech will be.

Two For Tuesdays

Look out for our “Two For Tuesday” Special and it’s a good one. Choose from one list of cultures and pay regular price and then choose a culture from a second list and get that one free. We will run this on Tuesdays for a limited time. You never know when the last Tuesday will be, so take advantage of the deal while you can. Check this special out here.

Friday Fungal Feature

Another one of our weekly mushroom culture deals is the “Friday Fungal Feature”. Each Friday we will choose one of our fantastic mushroom cultures to be featured. It will come with an insane discount and a blog post that will explain some interesting facts about that species of mushroom.

Sign up for our newsletter so that you get notified about the “Friday Fungal Feature” so that you can enjoy the benefits of the special discount. Who knows, you might learn something you didn’t already know about certain species of mushrooms.

Weekly Mushroom Culture Deals

We like to keep things fresh and to keep our audience eager to tune in and learn more about mushrooms. Maybe inspire you to take a deeper look at mushrooms you thought you might never be interested in. This all part of the plan to get the leaders of mycology to discover themselves and step forward. I hope to see you soon.

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