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So toxic algal blooms. We’re going to bring this up again because it is a continuous problem and it gets worse every year. The entire coast of Florida is surrounded by the blooms. Marine life is steadily dying because of Organic Galaxy has a solution. 

Nutrients from commercial farms are the source of the problem. Organic Galaxy has a promising solution. We can filter the water with fungi. Select species of fungi can be grown in bulk and strategically placed. By removing the food source before they reach the algae we can ultimately starve he beast. 

Recently I have contacted the governors office in Florida. They got me in touch with their EPA office in their state. The EPA took my name and information but no one has contacted me yet. Everyday they don’t call me is a another day I will be calling them. I will keep calling them too. Day after day until I get through to someone. 

We are bound and determined to reverse this problem. Organic Galaxy will prove that mushrooms are a perfect candidate to restore balance. Through all the research and experimentation over the years we have developed a skill set that finally bring some hope to a dark world. 

Its absolutely true that we do not have to be dependent on technology, man-made synthetics and chemicals to produce a better living. Mother Nature had a system laid out long before we even got here. It would be wise to follow her example, because with her support we could not exist. 

Toxic algal blooms are invading.


Water is an absolute necessity for the existence of life. Protecting and restoring it should be a way of life. Human beings have a really bad habit of hoping nature will work something out whenever we mess things up. It is of the utmost importance to never forget that we too are part of nature. We too must do our part. 

Water Filtration With Fungi

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