The right kind of funding for the OG mission.

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Organic Galaxy is on the hunt for the right kind of funding. New items are added to our store almost weekly, and our most prized products are the cultures. We are on a quest, if you will, to help reverse the ecological damage of our Planet. To carry out a mission like this takes funding to get it going. 

Money isn’t everything but unfortunately in our current system of living it has been made a necessity. You not only need it to live but anything you want to do within the system is going to require some sort of funding. Anything you want to do within in the system requires the proper currency. 

Some might ask, why not just perform outside of the system? At first, it may seem like a valid question but it’s not. Our mission extends further than just growing mushrooms and doing what we can to repair damaged ecosystems. We want to educate the people of the world with this information. We want to make a positive impact on the world and modify human behavior. 

If they manufacture poison…

Even though we need the funding to maintain our course of action what we don’t want is funding from the wrong crowd. We do not want to accept funding from parties who have and still intend to poison our planet. The type of companies who develop products that slowly kill the living over a period of time. We do not want our hard work to end up in the wrong hands. 

This is for the people so we want it funded by the people. We will not accept corporate handouts from those who wish to poison our ecosystems in the name of profit. We believe everyone has the right to a healthier, happier living. So if you are inclined to help check out the organic galaxy online store. We need the right kind of funding.

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