The Organic Galaxy Movement. What say you?

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At the moment of its inception, I had known that Organic Galaxy was never just a vessel for accumulating wealth. It is a movement, a community that is developing to make a positive impact on the world. It is our goal to revive and strengthen nature so that we can all be healthy again. Nature is a system of co-dependence, we all depend on each other to survive. Let us join together as one under the Organic Galaxy movement. 

This idea of co-dependence has stuck with through the last few years while I have worked to get Organic Galaxy off the ground. Mushrooms are my particular skill set and as I know they are part of the answer, it is still incomplete and will take a team to achieve our mission. You may notice the name Organic Galaxy is not a mushroom-related name. This was done intentionally because we welcome all skill sets of numerous organisms to join our team. 

Make the change from within.

the organic galaxy movement. We are better than this. Enable images to view

Business is a necessary channel that we chose to grow the Organic Galaxy movement. Like yesterday’s post mentioned, in our modern system of civilization money is a necessary tool. We use it to fuel our intent to create a healthy, happier tomorrow by applying fungi to repair damaged ecosystems. We may say that a lot but its because we do it a lot. If we were on a mission to generate wealth the mission would be a lot easier. But I ask myself, what good is all that money if we have no planet to spend it on?

We are a growing community and we want to hear you voice out what you think as well. We have a facebook group where we welcome discussions about repairing our environment. It isn’t just a place for us to talk about mushrooms. If you know something about bacteria, we want to hear about it. Tell us something you know about trees, protists, insects, etc. Each of these is a piece of the puzzle. We want to invite you to help us put it together. 

Please stop and like the Facebook page and join our group. Do not hesitate to comment on any of these posts. There is a section at the bottom of every post and page. Talk to us and we will respond. We want to work with you, it will take all of us to make the impact we want to see. Join us in the Organic Galaxy movement. 

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