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This is the 5 gallon bucket revolution! Organic Galaxy does not buy new plastic buckets. Local restaurants donate theirs for our outdoor projects. Buying new plastic containers for projects would only be trading in one set of problems for another. Rather than to buy plastic bags for outdoor cultivation or to help clean water there are plenty of food grade buckets to go around. 

Plastic is already an environmental concern. It only makes sense to reuses what we can rather than be apart of the problem. We are on a mission to be apart of the solution. Being perceived that way is simply not enough. We will make every effort to make our company as eco-friendly as possible. In any event, there are always to improve and we will seek those avenues out. 

Food grade plastic is where its at. These plastic buckets are readily available from restaurants. Pickles are usually shipped in these buckets and once they get portioned out, off to the dumpster you go, Mr. Bucket. That is where we step in. For starters, do you know how much these food grade buckets cost? They’re not cheap. Also, why buy them if you get them for free? 

Repurposing is sexy!

the 5 gallon bucket revolution. enable images to view

Repurposing buckets we delay them from being put into circulation. We also stop ourselves from entering new plastics into circulation. This will not become an overhyped, self-glorified mission. Where we think we are helping more than we are actually are. Like those people who think using a certain profile picture on social media is standing with the cause. When they actually put forth little to no effort into making the cause a success. If you are going to wear the uniform, put in the work. 

We are not here to make you feel bad about your laziness. Not yet anyway, but we hope that we can somehow inspire and motivate you to do more. The 5 gallon bucket revolution is just one thing we can do to make a difference. If we get more organizations doing more things like this we can make a huge difference. If everyone does something small it can add up to something big. So just do something already!


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