I know, I know. I get how frustrating it can be when your are shopping around for cultures and you don’t know which to choose or who to choose from. You’ve talked to a couple of guys on social media who swear like a bear that they’ve got the stuff that killed Elvis… but whatever. For all you know they could be trying to sell you a culture that they cloned from a grocery store. Or even worse, originally a clone from a grocery store that they have had for ten years now and they have made transfer after transfer, running that poor mycelium into a state of degeneration.

You’ve been beating yourself up about it too! You’re sort of new to the mycology game and you are doing your very best to learn but sharks circle the waters. Fiends out to get your hard earned dollars while selling you inferior products. You attempt to do grow after grow not getting the results you want and in the end… you blame yourself. Don’t do that! There is a good chance that it’s not you, it’s them. Which puts you in an awkward place with vendors because who can you trust from here? Tell those MycoJerks to SHOVE IT!

The Struggle Just Got Easier

Uncle OG’s got your back, son. Not sure what to do with the cultures once you have them? No worries, just call/text/email and we will walk you through some techniques to guide you towards successful grows. It’s not a hit and quit deal with us because our supporters are important to us and we want you to be more than satisfied with your progress. The cultures we offer are commercial strains. So get ready to show them all how big your mushroom tip is at the next farmers market.

The beautiful thing about the cultures we offer is, if you aren’t sure what to get, we’ve got packs! If you know what you want, well, that’s fantastic. If you aren’t sure, we offer a variety of discounted packs that will have you feeling like mycology wizard in no time. A big smiling face with monster mushrooms in your hands is our goal. So check out our catalog and feel free to contact us anytime with questions, comments or concerns.

Check this out! https://www.organic-galaxy.com/shop/

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