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Super Mushroom Culture Deals

We’ve got some super mushroom culture deals going on at Organic Galaxy. If you have a desire to grow mushrooms we want you to have access to some amazing cultures. If you’re reading this, have a desire to grow but are asking “What Are Mushroom Cultures?” Go ahead and the click that question highlighted in blue to find out more.

If you are looking for premium mushroom cultures to grow badass mushrooms then keep reading. We’ve adjusted one product and another new product pack. It’s all part of the evolution to make high-quality mushroom cultures available to those who want them.

First, remember the, “you choose culture pack?” We’ve got a special sale going on with it right now. For a limited time, you can get a 5 pack of cultures of your choosing for $59.99. These are petri dish cultures only.

Next, we added a ten pack. This pack comes with some of the very best in our culture library. What makes it so sweet is that we are offering it for the amazing price of $99. That’s right! Our favorite commercial strains for less than $10 each.

There is no reason affordable, high-quality mushrooms aren’t available to those on a budget. Mushroom cultivation is only the beginning of the journey to reversing environmental damage and we want to help make your first step and efficient one.

Also, by making it easier for you to get the cultures you want your purchase supports our cause. At Organic Galaxy we use mushroom mycelium to restore and rehabilitate soil. It’s a win-win for everybody involved we help support your cultivation hobby and you help support our research for a healthier, happier living.

Don’t forget these specials are for a limited time. Order now to get access to premium quality mushroom cultures. You can show them all what’s up at the farmers market.

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