Soil Services in Cincinnati

Soil Services In Cincinnati.

We offer excellent Soil Services In Cincinnati. Why not show our dirt some tender loving care? After all, it is one of the main sources of fertility in the world. It is important that we gain a deeper understanding of the material that sustains life.

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Soil and fungi are more closely related than many realize. You ever heard the expression “older than dirt”? It turns out that fungi are diligently working to make new soil every day. Of course, it is not the complete makeup of the ecosystem we know as soil.

Decomposing fungi, produce what we call humus, the tiny pieces of organic debris that set the stage of new soil deposits. Sounds awesome, right? Well, that’s not all they can do.

Knowing now that fungi can start the cycle to make new soil, they can also repair and restore soil that is currently existing. Realistically, it takes a very long time to produce all the soil that we have available today.

When things get yucky.

Soils contaminated with harsh chemicals or toxic heavy metals can also be remedied by fungi. With some research and matching the species of fungi to the pollutant begins the process of restoring healthy soil.

We can also do the same for soil that is infected with unwanted organisms. Something nasty moves into your garden and all of a sudden your plants are dead. What was once an oasis of life is nothing more than a devastating wasted land.

That doesn’t have to be the end. You don’t have to sell your land to housing developers just yet. There is hope. Fungi can reset and restore soil back to happiness.

Thinking that this awesome fungi program is working in the background we should be all set right? Well, that’s a hard no. The reason is that humans simply won’t allow Mother Nature to do her thing. We’ve become so accustomed to our own way of living that we’ve sorely upset the balance.

For many of us, we have so many issues in our personal lives that taking on a world problem just seems out of the question. But, what is promising is that we can start tackling this problem with little projects at a time.

If you are concerned about the condition of the soil on the land that you own, Organic Galaxy can help. By letting us help you with little projects, over time they will add up and start making a big impact.

Soil Management & Restoration.

Reasons you might want our Soil Management & Restoration Service:

  • Compacted soils.
  • Eroded soils.
  • Soils contaminated with heavy metals or chemicals.
  • Soils infected with unwanted and/or harmful organisms.
  • Garden soils that don’t meet your expectations.
  • Lawns with bald patches where nothing seems to grow.
  • Soil areas where vegetation doesn’t survive.
  • Soil areas with foul or offputting odors.
  • New garden installation.

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How do Soil Services In Cincinnati Work?

The service works by having the initial consultation. We visit your land and discuss your concerns with you. We develop a custom action plan for your land.

Back at Organic Galaxy Laboratory, we start producing the necessary fungi to suit your needs. There are no quick fixes when it comes to soil restoration. It is a healing process and just like our bodies it will take some time.

Any kind of quick fix in regards to the soil is rarely a fix at all. Even if its something that produces instant results is inevitably causing you bigger problems in the long run. We recommend avoiding any kind of quick-fix remedy.

If you are looking for a soil service that will help your soil improve as time goes by then contact Organic Galaxy today. We look forward to discussing your options and helping you achieve the soil health that you and your family deserve.

What about Larger Areas?

Property with lots of acreage can also benefit from our service. It’s important to include that larger areas will require longer amounts of time spent on your property.

Think of it as a vet that makes regular visits to check your livestock. They offer a service to keep your cattle healthy. We are offering a service to keep your soil healthy so that you can keep producing vegetables or help to protect your forested areas.

Our Soil Services In Cincinnati will restore your soil to healthy conditions and keep it safe and clean for years to come. Let Organic Galaxy be your choice for excellent soil health.

Clean, healthy soils just the way nature intended.

Interested? Feel free to contact us. Use the chat feature on this website or call/text us at 513-274-7507.

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