Lions Mane Kit Instructions

Lions Mane Kit Instructions

So you have received your lions mane kit from Organic Galaxy. Here are some guideline to properly care for your kit. Check out the instructions below and be on your way to harvesting fresh and delicious Lions Mane Mushrooms. Don’t forget that if you have any question at all about your kit please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have reached this page and do not have a lions mane kit then orders your today ——-> Order your kit here!

Options for when your kit arrives.


Option A – When you get your lions mane kit. It may have cracks in it from travel. Some of the cracks may small and barely noticeable and other may be deep. Shipping can be hard on mycelium especially if they are traveling a long way. When you get your kit and there are noticeable cracks you can press the block back together to close the cracks and place the kit somewhere dark. Leave it here undisturbed for about seven days so that the mycelium can recover from shock and heal.

Option B – Sometimes if kits have been beaten up too badly during shipping we try this method. Remove the tape from filter patch on the bag. That is the white piece of fabric towards the top of the bag. Then remove the top that keeps the top of the bag folded back and stand it up straight.  We break the mycelium up in the bag as fine as possible and redistribute it by mixing the contents of the bag. Then gently compress the contents of the bag with your hands on the plastic to form a block shape. Do not open the bag and touch the contents with your hands, You will contaminate the contents.  Place it in a dark place where it can be undisturbed for from 7 – 14 days. Do this without opening the bag, it must remain sealed or you take the chance of contaminating the contents.

Instructions to initiate fruiting.

Once your block has recovered from shock and healing is complete is time to start preparing your block to begin the fruiting process. This step by step process is easy and the maintenance is minimal.

  1. Remove the tape that secures the top of the bag to back of the block and stand the flap up. With a pair of scissors cut a straight line just underneath the filter patch and remove the top of the bag. Tape the top of the bag together. Then pull the flap backwards, using tape secure it to the back of the block. If you have done this the top of the bag will not be standing and will be taped to the back of the block.
  2. Find a spot on the front of the kit where the white mycelium is prominent. In the center of the selected area where the mycelium is growing strong using a pair a knife or box cutter cut an “x” in the area where the mycelium is thick and healthy.
  3. Place your kit on a plate and prepare a plastic bag to serve as a humidity tent. A plastic grocery bag will suffice, but take a bag big enough to cover the kit and cut about 8 quarter inch holes around the bag. The holes will allow for airflow while the plastic will maintain humidity. Spray your kit with a spray bottle (mist setting) directly on the plastic of the kit, not the plastic bag serving as your humidity tent.
  4. After you have sprayed your kit directly with a spray bottle you can then place the humidity tent over the kit to maintain the moisture levels.
  5. Twice a day, remove the humidity tent, fan the kit down to make sure its plenty of oxygen (fungi breathes oxygen like we do!) and spray it with a mist and then place the humidity tent back over the fruiting kit.