Organic Galaxy Workshops

Workshops for healing damaged ecosystems with mushrooms! Not only do we want you to know but we want you to know how to apply the information we have to offer. We are offering workshops to give you the hands on training you need to get fungi to work for you. Organic Galaxy Workshops are a traveling seminar. We come to our clients and supporters.

It seems like an unlikely alliance…

Workshops for healing damaged ecosystems with mushrooms!

workshops for healing damaged ecosystems with mushrooms

This remediation workshop teaches about mushrooms, soil and how they are related. Soil is an important topic that we are particularly fond of. Without it there is no chance for survival and the rate at which human beings deplete topsoil is frightening. You can take action at home to begin turning this situation around.

The Myconomics: Soil Workshop is part lecture and part hands on. You will have an understanding of the science but also how to apply what you have learned. So as you perform fungal actions that work you will know they work. This information is the gift that keeps on giving because it never goes out of date. Furthermore, This is nature’s way and you will be able to pass this information down from generation to generation.

Myconomics teaches clients to view fungi as a currency that never loses value. The practices you will learn will help you to secure a healthier, happier tomorrow for your family. Clients will develop the adaptable Myconomics skillset. As we uncover the secrets of the hidden kingodm we will learn how they sustain life. If you are interested in booking this class to learn these life altering techniques, please fill out the form below.



If you would like to purchase our Myconomics: Soil Treatment Patch please click the link below.