Public Speaking

Live Mushroom Presentations

Book Organic Galaxy today and learn how to heal the Earth with mushrooms. These presentations dive into the mysterious world of fungi! Come learn how they benefit the environment and reverse damages to our ecosystems. Mushrooms play a leading role in the health of ecosystems. Now more than ever we need to utilize these talented organisms. Help us to eliminate what threatens the safety of our environment.

how to heal the earth

The live talk come complete with a slide show with vibrant pictures of mushrooms in the wild

and in the lab. When you experience our presentation you will discover:

  • How mushrooms keep our ecosystems healthy.
  • what you can do to further explore the hidden kingdom.
  • How to unlock the mysteries of mushrooms mycelium.

Learn how to heal the Earth with mushrooms…

No one has to tell you why it’s important to support your local planet but figuring out how can be difficult. Organic Galaxy is on a mission to teach the world about mushrooms and how they more than just a source of food. Our live presentation our designed to inspire communities to come together and help repair the only home we have ever known.


how to heal the earth

Organic Galaxy is on a mission to not only provide fresh, delicious mushrooms. We are also a fungal research facility. We dedicate our time discovering new and wonderful ways that mushrooms can be used to repair damaged ecosystems. Click here for more information.

Contact us for booking today and learn the mind blowing capabilities of mushrooms and what they can do for all of us. Fill out the form or call us (513) 274-7507