Live Mushroom Mulch

Live Mushroom Mulch in Cincinnati, Ohio
Live Mushroom Mulch in Cincinnati, Ohio

Organic Galaxy is proud to offer our Live Mushroom Mulch in Cincinnati, Ohio. This new product developed by Organic Galaxy comes with wood chips colonized by beneficial mushroom mycelium. 

Compost just leveled up!

We are raising the bar with the development of our new Live Mushroom Mulch. It is the revolutionary solution to composting and mulching. It is species specific to target and solve your soil needs.

This product generates new soil where applied. Not to mention the preferred species of mushroom mycelium will be selected to treat a wide array of problems. In fact, if you are dealing with contaminants, soil compaction, erosion etc. Organic Galaxy’s Live Mushroom Mulch is what you are looking for.

Uniquely, our super mulch is here to give your soil protection. Providing it with nutrients is great, but mycelium brings guardianship to your soil. It is ultimately a new era for composting and mulching our beloved soil. It is important to realize that live inoculations applied directly into your dirt will allow our fungal friends to bring you many benefits time and time again.

Live Mushroom Mulch in Cincinnati, Ohio


Those who subscribe to the service will get our full service treatment. We will provide options on what fungal species will work best with your soil condition. We will schedule visits to ensure that your mushroom mulch is performing to the very best expectations.

*This service is for clients in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.