Consulting Services

With our consulting service we can help find solutions to environmental catastrophe with the use of fungi. We can also aid in offering advice for those looking to start a small scale mushroom operation. With more than a decade of experience we will provide our clients with options that are beneficial to their success.

Environmentally, we focus on soil and water solutions with fungi. Our clients may be having issues with:


Our clients are aware that soil of good quality is an absolute necessity. Some of the issues our clients face are of the following:

  • Problems growing vegetables and other plants.
  • Issues with bald spots and withering grass on lawns.
  • Build up of toxins due to bad agriculture practices.
  • Soil erosion and desertification.

With care and proper application soil that was once of poor quality can be restored.


Next to soil our clients are fully aware that water is an absolute necessity. Not to just have it but clean, natural bodies of water we need for drinking, bathing, growing crops, etc. Issues our clients face today with water may be one of thefollowing:

  • Accumulated amounts of toxins in natural spill ways, streams or lakes.
  • Toxic algal blooms that threaten the safety of natural bodies of water.
  • The presence of harmful bacteria and other pathogens in natural waters.
  • Industrial pollutants that create hazards for potable water and commercial fishing.

Our clients know just how essential our natural water sources are. Organic Galaxy provides our clients with excellent solutions to preserve and restore healthy water.