Water Filtration With Fungi. LIFE without WATER? None.

Water is a necessity. Life it utterly impossible without water and it is our most overlooked resource. We’ve entered a day where water contamination is so much more than just a cause for concern. Action is mandatory! Steps must be taken to protect our water before we face extinction.

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Of course, hope is not lost. Our fungal friends are a perfect candidates to restore our precious water supplies. By installing custom bio-filters in streams, creeks and farms to catch run off, we can begin eliminating contaminants that are catastrophic to our much needed water. 

Water Filtration With Fungi is a next level bio-application. For starters, it is an all natural, biodegradable method. Furthermore, the fungus acts a filter that allows water to pass through. This bio-filter picks up nasty trouble makers that cause future problems. As a result, this filter picks up E.Coli, nutrients from commercial farming, and toxic heavy metals.

If you own or live near a body of water that has you concerned please call us immediately. We will assess the problem and develop a strategic action plan to remediate your water issues. This is an all-natural application and it will not cause issues in the future like some chemical treatments can. At Organic Galaxy we like to follow the examples set by nature. 

Water Filtration With Fungi
Landsat image of Cyanobacteria in Lake Okeechobee, July 4, 2018. Photo: NASA Earth Observatory.

Take Action Now!

Toxic algal blooms, coliform bacteria, and heavy metals are all threats to our water. Consequently, if we don’t make the necessary arrangements now it may be too late in the not so distant future. Life on Earth depends on water and Organic Galaxy is here to help. 

To learn more about Water Filtration With Fungi please call us at (513) 274-7507 or fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you. 

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