Soil Services in Cincinnati

Soil Services in Cincinnati

We now offer soil services in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our Soil Treatment & Conditioning service will help replenish your soil with vital nutrients for next season. This is a high value, live liquid garden soil treatment we are offering in Cincinnati, Ohio. Plants have to eat while they grow and eat they do on the rich nutrients your soil provides. Unfortunately, the soil can’t perpetuate a constant source of nutrients from nowhere. Much like our cabinets and refrigerator, the inventory will run out. Of course, Mother Nature has a system for this but sometimes we get in the way of that process when we have home gardens.

Our constant digging, tilling, growing, harvesting, etc all take a toll on your soil. We can help to restock the food web with soil beneficial fungi. The selected fungus will feed on dead organic matter, recycling nutrients and making them available for the next generation of life to begin. The fungus will also bring an added layer of protection against harmful fungi and coliform bacteria.

All Natural Approach

Organic Galaxy soil inoculant is a living liquid developed for the purpose of restoring nutrients in the soil. It is 100% all natural making it the perfect choice for everyone seeking a solution outside of harmful, man-made chemicals. These chemicals can provide short-term success but in the long run, your soil will suffer.

We looked to nature in the development of this service. Fungi have been recycling the nutrients from dead organic matter and returning them to the Earth for ages. They are the gateway species that set the stage for new soil deposits as they lay out new beds of humus. This service brings genuine, fertile life back to your garden.

We are currently offering soil services in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you are interested in treating your soil the way nature intended, call us now or fill out the form below.

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