Soil Repair With Mushrooms

Soil repair with mushrooms. Mushroom growing out of the soil.

Soil repair with mushrooms. We repair and restore soil the way Nature always has. Fungi play a major role in soil creation and have since the very beginning. By following Nature’s example, we can then utilize mushrooms to revive poor soil and unhealthy soil conditions.

We produce and apply fungi to set the foundation for healthy soil. Decomposing fungi feed on dead organic matter and leave behind humus as a byproduct. Humus, commonly known as dirt, are tiny organic pieces that are packed with nutrients. These pieces are prime real estate for beneficial organisms that turn dirt into an ecosystem we know as soil.

Soil Repair With Mushrooms.

Soil Repair by Organic Galaxy is all natural with no harsh chemicals. We can apply the fungi in either a solid or liquid state. We evaluate the area with poor soil conditions and create a custom action plan. This plan is designed to begin the healing process for your soil over time. This is not a service designed for instant gratification.

If you have areas where vegetation struggle to grow, then mushroom repair is for you. For your gardens that grow weak and frail vegetables or lawns with bald spots where the grass won’t grow. If you have heavy clay areas where the topsoil has eroded away then soil repair is for you.

Soil repair with mushrooms is a healing process. Commercial landscape companies might come in and scrape everything off the top. They may have everything looking beautiful when they leave but this is purely cosmetic.

Underneath that mask, the ecosystems are injured and suffering. Instead of leaving your soil to die a slow death, let us bring it back to live a healthy, happy life. Happy soil produces happy plants.

Strong soils are key to a healthy lifestyle. Only looking pretty on the outside isn’t doing anyone any favors especially you. Contact Organic Galaxy today so we can help you get started and bringing your soil back to life.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer that wants to give it the ole’ college try? Click here to order our Mushbedder Garden Patches.