Mushbedder Garden Installation

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MushBedder Garden Installation

Now introducing MushBedder Garden Installation. Where we generate new soil the old fashioned way. I mean, Mother Nature’s old fashioned way. Don’t let poor soil conditions get in the way of your gardening journey. With OG’s Mushbedder Garden Installation service you will get exactly the kind of soil you need.

The process is simple. We bring along the fungus that we’ve produced at our laboratory and add it to organic material. Then we give it plenty of shade and time. The fungus will colonize the food source and begin breaking it down.

Once the fungus takes what it needs it leaves behind humus. Humus are the tiny pieces of organic debris that are the foundation of a new soil deposit. This process recycles nutrients and makes them available for the next generation of life.

You don’t have to run out and buy a bunch of bagged soil to make your garden happen. Honestly, you have no idea what is actually in that bagged soil. With the MushBedder Garden Installation service, you can generate soil while recycling nutrients from your own garden.

If you are on a budget just click here to order our MushBedder Garden Patch. This DIY patch comes with supplemented sawdust colonized with out amazing soil fungi. Just add it to your very own hydrated organic matter to begin producing your own humus.

MushBedder Garden Installation. Mushroom Compost in hand next to an oyster mushroom. Enable images to view.

We can help with more than just gardens

We need healthy soils for so much more than just growing gardens. Soil is one of the most precious resources on the planet. If you are experiencing problems with soil that are beyond poor conditions in general such as:

  • Glyphosate or Other Chemical Build Up
  • Toxic Heavy Metal Accumulation
  • Bacterial or Pathogenic Fungi infections

Please click here to check out our other soil services. It is the Organic galaxy mission to look after and care for the Earth’s soil. We desperately need to keep it in good health. So contact us today!