Revolution: Fungi. Planet Earth inside a lightbulb representing a new idea for better living. Enable images to view.

Revolution: Fungi has begun. A shift in the collective paradigm is upon us. Human beings are beginning to realize the way we’ve behaved is ultimately the wrong way. One by one we make an adjustment to be better about how we treat our environment. 

Fungi, some scientist believe they were the first organisms to come to land. Mining the lava rocks for nutrients and giving way to light dusting that would be the first layer of soil. The stage was being set so that the life that would follow could give a grand performance. It was a beautiful dance until the arrival of human beings whom have upset Nature’s balance. 

Finally, we have begun to see the error in our ways and have begun to reject our cultural programming. As the veil is lifted and we can see for the first time, some of us are lost and scramble to find a purpose in this new life. Does this sound familiar? Join the revolution and make a difference not only with yourself but for life. 

Whatever your pronouns be… join us!

Revolution: Fungi may sound dramatic because it is. Perhaps it is stemming from the superhero series I was just watching before I started writing. Honestly, I think its time to start acting dramatic. It is a perfect time to start expressing our passions for talents and gifts we possess. We have reached a pivotal point where its necessary to demonstrate our skills and become a part of the solution. 

The OG logo isn’t just a graphic that represents our company. It is a beacon of hope radiating vibes of inspiration across the world. OG logo or Orwii, a name my daughter gave it when she was two, is a protective umbrella to unite all the environmental heroes of the world. Unite with me and let us start making some real changes. 


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