Mushroom Spawn


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This is made-to-order Gourmet Mushroom Spawn. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for processing.

Organic Galaxy uses the same spawn for our everyday projects. Everything from growing gourmet mushrooms to bioremediation projects. If it isn’t good enough to use here then it isn’t good enough for our customers.

We clone our species from the wild, isolate them from spore germinations or obtain them from reliable sources. It is against our standards to offer inferior products to our customers. We add new strains consistently so check back frequently. If you have a suggestion of a particular species you are looking for please shoot us an email and let us know.

The Organic Galaxy team works hard to make sure our spawn is strong and productive. We spend a lot of time in the sterile lab producing spawn. We want to use the best and make sure our customers get the best at reasonable prices. Affordable spawn for anyone who wants to practice mycology is our goal.

If you prefer cultures rather than spawn check out these links:

Mushroom Cultures In Petri Dishes

Nailing down good technique with sterile mycology work is a big part of the job. Learning to produce clean healthy mycelium is the name of the game. Order your gourmet mushroom spawn today to sharpen your skill set. Nature needs you!

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