Organic Galaxy Mushroom Cultures. Available Now!

Organic Galaxy Mushroom Cultures. test tubes in a rack. Enable Images to view.

So mushrooms… we talk about those things an awful lot. So, of course, there should be no surprise when I tell you about a new mushroom product. BOOM! Organic Galaxy Mushroom Cultures are available now! Not just liquid cultures neither. We’re talking about your choice of a petri dish or slant. 

Made to order to ensure every culture is fresh, strong, and ready to thrive. (Except LC’s) We want all of our customers to have the very best experience with every mycology project. It is truly an honor to be chosen as a source for your mushroom needs. So we cherish that trust you have in us by offering the best quality products to help you down your fungal path. 

Some of the species we have in stock were discovered in the forests and cloned in our lab. The others we received from reputable culture banks. We won’t be offering you any of that I cloned a mushroom from a grocery store crap. Furthermore, if we didn’t find, germinate it, or get it from someone we trust we certainly wouldn’t sell it to our customers to make a profit.

Culture is your friend when its OG

The cultures we make available for sale are the very same that we use in production. The very same strains we use to produce our delicious, gourmet mushrooms from are the very same we ship out when you order them. If I don’t think its good enough to use here, its not good enough for our customers. 

Organic Galaxy Mushroom Cultures are available now! There is something for you whether you’re a pro or just beginning. The links to our available species are listed below. Keep in mind we add new species to our culture bank all the time so check back frequently! So tell your geeky mushroom friends that Organic Galaxy has mushroom cultures available. 


Cultures in petri dishes –

Cultures in slants –