About Us

100_0918Organic Galaxy Movement

The Organic Galaxy Movement is an idea… Its the idea that we can start a company that benefits the people and Earth. Organic Galaxy is to be a mushroom farm in the Cincinnati, OH area, but we are so much than just a provider of gourmet mushrooms. We are dedicated to providing fine quality mushrooms and mushroom products.

At times we face a difficult challenge when we mention medicinal mushrooms. People sometimes confuse those with psychedelic mushrooms. Organic Galaxy will not be providing psychedelic mushrooms because currently mushrooms containing psilocybin are illegal. It would be illegal for us to serve them to the public.


Mushrooms For Health

As for medicinal mushrooms, there are mushrooms that possess significant health benefits for people. We would also like to include that a lot of gourmet mushrooms actually possess these medicinal characteristics as well. We will not only provide food, but alternative supplements as well.

Fungi to the Rescue

What makes Organic Galaxy special is biorestoration with the use of fungi. We can repair damaged ecosystems where accelerated soil erosion had occurred. Fungi also break down dead organic matter to produce nutrient rich dirt.  This dirt will then become a soil deposit and the next generation of life can thrive.

We can also use certain types of mushroom mycelium to clean up toxins and pollutants from the environment. We can remove harmful bacteria such as E. Coli from water making it biologically safe. The benefits of fungi seem to extend into limitless potential. We are excited to develop new methods of applying fungi to make Earth a little greener than it was yesterday.