New Year - New Cultures! Now offering 20% off on all culture orders
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New Year – New Cultures!

New Year – New Cultures! What does that even mean? It means its time to knuckle down and get started. Organic Galaxy specializes in producing premium, commercial-grade mushroom cultures. Well, this year for 2020 we want to do something special for our new and returning customers.

Good things are happening in 2020! The twenties of the future. We’ve reached a time in human history when Nature and Tech are bridging together to blaze a new trail of evolution. As biased as it may seem, the Organic Galaxy team believes that mushrooms and other fungi will be playing significant roles in food and the environment.

We want to make mushroom cultures accessible and affordable for everyone. Skilled cultivators and those just joining the ranks alike. If you have an interest in trying your hand at growing mushrooms there is no better time than now. It’s the call of the wild and your planet needs you.

Enough of my babbling. Here is the deal. For the 2020 new year we offering 20% off on all culture orders of $100 or more. For instance, you order $100 worth of cultures, you simply pay $80. If you order 5 cultures of the same price this would be the equivalent of getting the 5th culture free.

You can work out the math yourself and it will always equal a good deal. The Organic Galaxy team wants you to have good strong cultures. We work hard at Organic Galaxy labs producing cultures that perform the way you want them to perform. Mushroom Cultures that have the genetics to produce large delicious fruits in high-yields.

Order your cultures today, practice with them and learn their ways. Nature is calling you and its time to take your place. Will you be the one to answer?

Coupon Code: OG20

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