Myconomics: Water

Myconomics: Mushrooms can clean water!

Myconomics: Mushrooms can clean water!
Myconomics: Mushrooms can clean water!

Organic Galaxy is currently researching ways to development new methods of mycofiltration. Mycofiltration was term coined by Paul Stamets. Paul Stamets is a veteran mycologist and has been blazing the trail of research to show us how mushrooms can save the world.

Organic Galaxy decided it was best to pick up this torch and move forward. For fear that natural bodies of aqua all over the planet are becoming contaminated with harmful organisms and/or toxic chemicals. We all depend on the natural hydration of our beloved Earth for survival.

Restoring clean H2O is our primary focus. Water is necessary for survival for all lifeforms and not just humans. To put it another way we decided it is up to us to do something about it.

How Mushrooms Can Clean Water.

The vegetative part of a fungus is mycelium. Mycelium is composed of tiny, one cell wide filaments. These hyphae branch out, fork an connect with one another creating a mycelial network. With this in mind the mycelial network be generated in order to be used a filtration membrane for water. As the drink passes through, the fungi can collect and absorb toxic chemicals and harmful organisms making the our streams, lakes and rivers biologically safe again.

In general, matching the proper species of fungi together with the pollutant in question is what needs to be discovered. Together with fungal matching and system design the future of clean H2O will be restored for all living things.

Help Fund Our Research!

Research and development is great but it does require money. We have designed t-shirts for sale to fund our research and development of mycofiltration systems. Check out the Myconomics: Water Apparel Store and make an investment for the future. Furthermore, The Myconomics: Water Mission will require all of us to be successful. Organic Galaxy together with you and your generation purchase of our fundraising t-shirts we are confident in this missions success.

Myconomics: Mushrooms can clean water!
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