Myconomics: Soil

Myconomics: SoilMyconomics: How Mushrooms Make Dirt!

Welcome to Myconomics: How mushrooms make dirt! Soil is alive and is Earth’s living skin. Our primary source of fertility and life is based on healthy soil. In the last 100 years one-third of our fertile ground has eroded away. As these devastating occurrences take place and destroy the vitality of this “living dirt” our hope for survival erodes away with it.

Due to accelerated erosion, compaction, nutrient loss, and chemical build-up are the health of our soil is in peril. We depend on it for the production of crops to produce food for people across the globe. If we don’t learn to take care of what threatens its very foundation it will collapse. Soil will be rendered incapable of supporting life and we will face desertification.

In mushrooms we trust

The dark cloud of degradation does not have to be a permanent resident of our future. At Organic Galaxy we have been developing all natural solutions for the purpose of soil remediation. We generate fungal biomass not only as a food source but also for the purpose of environmental repair. What we have come to know about fungi is that is recycles dead organic matter into the beginning stages of new dirt (humus).

Myconomics: How mushrooms make dirt!

These multi-functional organisms also act as an immune system, which protect your land from harmful bacteria and parasitic fungi. As the fungal cocktail colonizes your land it creates a filtration membrane. Most of all this membrane can alleviate parasites and recycles agricultural waste. They holds soils together protecting them from erosion and eliminates compaction to allow plant roots to grow.

Myconomics: How mushrooms make dirt!

If you are experiencing problems with your cropland soil a live culture treatment administered by Organic Galaxy may be exactly what your croplands needs to recover. After every application with each new season the fungi will colonize together becoming stronger every year adapting to the specific parameters of your land.

It’s our goal to keep it protected from disaster. Research shows that certain species of fungi we add to the application will also reduce chemical build up that threaten quality and yields of your crops. Contact Organic Galaxy today to schedule an evaluation and learn more about fungi can help you. Just click here for Soil Treatment page to learn what can be done to help restore healthy soil.