Myconomics: How mushrooms can heal the Earth!

Myconomics: How mushrooms can heal the Earth! At Organic Galaxy we like to discover new ways to use fungi to make this planet a better place. Whether it is helping generate new soil to filtering out water we want to more than just a supplier of gourmet mushrooms. Below check out the fundraisers we have running right now and do your part to invest in a healthier, happier future.

myconomics: how mushrooms can heal the earth
Myconomics: Water
How we can utilize fungi to filter natural water.


Mushrooms and water have a relationship that may seem unlikely. Mushrooms are responsible for filtering natural sources of water. Mushroom mycelium is a network of fine filaments. These filaments colonize their food source and release enzymes to break the food source down. What is interesting is how the mushrooms mycelium network acts a filter to catch and absorb contaminants being carried by water. To learn more about mushrooms and water natural water filtration click here.