Mushrooms help bees. If you don’t know now ya know.

mushrooms help bees. enable images to view

Mushrooms help bees! Did you even consider that a possibility? Most likely you didn’t but its okay… its the reason I write this blog. Medicinal mushrooms are a thing for humans already but some also benefit bees. Issues with colony collapse due to bees getting sick with illnesses such as deformed wing syndrome can be reversed with mushrooms.

Think about it for a second. Do you know what’s at risk if we lose honey bees? They are the natural pollinators of this planet. If enough bee colonies collapse then its a sad day in Hell for all of us. A majority of the food found in grocery stores would no longer be available. Humans and animals would face worldwide starvation… that’s not a good look on anybody.

Yet again, there is hope in mushrooms. It turns out that certain species of mushrooms help restore p-coumaric acid levels in bees. Beehives are infested with varroa mites which infect the bees with viruses. The viruses make the bees sick and lower these acid levels. Then one day a bee can’t fly… and that ain’t right.

Let’s not be a dummy, dummy.

With fungi on our side, we can help the bees. Not only will certain species of mushrooms help restore p-coumaric acid levels but help alleviate viral infections. Mushrooms like Reishi are a known medicinal mushroom with powerful anti-viral characteristics. It would only make sense to make the mycelium of these species of fungi more readily available to our striped, winged friends.

So remember, mushrooms help bees. Just like they help a lot of other things in the environment. Its almost as if their mission on this planet is to perpetuate and sustain life. Just another reason to not freak out about fungi. Don’t be stupid! Mushrooms can help us with a lot and bees can use all the help they can get. 

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