Mushroom Cultures For Beginners

We get a lot of questions about mushroom cultures for beginners. It is an important topic to discuss because of the numerous species made available. By the time you are finished reading this article, you should be able to choose a species with confidence.

Most of the time it is never easy when you are a beginner at anything. It is no different from mushroom cultivation. You join the forums, watch the youtube videos and witness the successes of other cultivators.

Frozen in awe you stare at the big beautiful flushes of mushrooms. Whether they’re growing from sawdust, beds of woodchips, or buckets of straw you want in on this wizardry. But where should you begin? You do your best to dig in and ask questions but it can be rough out there.

Seasoned cultivators who forget they were once beginners shun you and act like you’re inferior. So you sift through one MycoDouche after the other and grow more and more frustrated. All you want are some answers.

You get all the materials and tools you require but hit a brick wall. What species of gourmet mushroom should I grow first? What kind of culture should I begin with? Liquid Culture? Petri Dishes?

Take a deep breath and relax. We are here to help make this process easier. Keep in mind the exploration part of learning anything new should always be fun.

When it comes to gourmet mushrooms and first-timers we like to recommend Pleurotus Ostreatus, The Pearl Oyster Mushroom. The reason behind this is simple. This species grows on a wide variety of materials and is excellent at adapting to different temperatures and climates.

The mycelium is aggressive and fast-growing and can outrun a lot of competitive organisms that want to contaminate your substrates. Not all of them and don’t just to rely on that because your substrate can still become contaminated.

If you’re just starting out the idea of working with agar may be overwhelming and that is perfectly okay. For people just starting out, I would recommend an LC aka Liquid Culture. For more on Liquid Cultures vs Agar Dishes click here.

Typically a liquid culture comes in syringe form usually 10 to 12 ml. Inside the syringe is mycelium fragments suspended in sterile water. These are accompanied with a 1.5″ so that can inject the mycelium into your substrate.

It’s an excellent start for those just beginning. Make sure you get your cultures from a reputable vendor. Bad lab practices can lead to a culture that is already contaminated and you may not find out until its too late.

Talk to us!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We want you to succeed in your mushroom growing adventures. If you would like to purchase a liquid culture syringe of oyster mushrooms or any other species just click below.

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