Mushroom Culture Syringe

Mushroom Culture Syringe

If you are looking for a mushroom culture syringe then you came to the right place. Especially if you aren’t sure what species you should get. If you are a beginner and feel overwhelmed with the selection then contact us and we will help choose a species that’s right for you.

All of our cultures at Organic Galaxy are isolated cultures with excellent genetics. Whether you are a hobbyist or a commercial cultivator we can help. We work hard to produce liquid cultures that perform exceptionally well for our customers. Organic Galaxy produces all of our cultures with the utmost care.

We take our time to pay extra special attention to the details to ensure that everything is handled properly. Organic Galaxy staff takes the time to make sure everything is handled properly. We want our customers to succeed and trust that when they order from Organic Galaxy they receive nothing but the best products.

Each of the cultures we offer comes in a 10 ml syringe with a 1.5″ needle. Each syringe contains mycelium fragments suspended in either sterile water or a nutrient-rich broth.

You can check out our liquid culture syringes here:

A mushroom culture syringe is perfect for cultivators who doubt the sterility of their work environment. We also know plenty of mycologists who prefer to work with only liquid cultures only. The ease of use that comes with a liquid culture syringe makes it a convenient alternative to petri dish cultures.

Who are you gonna call?

So, you know you want to grow mushrooms. You want to get started but you aren’t sure which cultures to get then contact us. You can email us [email protected] or shoot us a text at 513-274-7507. We are committed to providing the best customer service and cultivation advice.

If you are looking for mushroom cultures but not a mushroom culture syringe check out our selection of cultures in Petri Dishes. Click here to see our selection. These are isolated mushroom cultures that can come in 100 x 15mm Petri Dishes with malt extract agar (MEA).

The Organic Galaxy takes pride in the production of mushroom cultures. We’ve got 15 years of experience in mushroom culture work alone. It is a vital part of the process when it comes to mushroom cultivation. This is exactly why we put in the effort to hone these skills. We want to produce premium products and help our customers do the same.

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