Organic Galaxy is more than mushroom cultures. We offer services to restore healthy soils. Image is hands holding plant growing in soil. Enable images to view.

We do much more than mushroom cultures! Our primary focus as a company is to be a land healing service provider. We have taken a specific interest in soil. The reason is simple and its because the soil is absolutely necessary for survival on Earth.

What we have struggled with the most is relaying this information in a way that is received and understood. We understand that those just now learning about how fungi can be used for soil remediation can be overwhelming. Maybe even unbelievable.

With some research, you will come to understand that this is nature’s way. Certain fungi will break down dead organic matter and convert it to humus. Humus is tiny pieces of organic debris or what some of us all call dirt. It’s dirt packed with nutrients ready to help sustain the next generation of life.

More Than Mushroom Cultures

Sure, Organic Galaxy sells mushroom cultures online and we grow and sell gourmet mushrooms but it’s not our primary focus. We consider it an honor to offer soil management & land healing services. A lot of people ask if it is even necessary to help take care of and restore soil. The answer is a simple yes and the reason is because of people.

Earth has a condition called humans. It is infected with Homo Sapiens who continuously drain the planet of its resources. Humans, upset the balance because we are constantly taking away from the planet without giving anything of value in return. So as we take precious resources from Earth what we return in its place is waste and it isn’t the good kind.

The same rings true with soil. Because of our actions soil is eroded away, polluted, compacted and becomes subject to desertification. So because of people and their terrible habits, it will also take people to be mindful of their ways to help restore it.

This is why Organic Galaxy was formed. We not only want to change the way behave towards soil and water, but we want to educate others about it as well. A lot of people are set in their ways simply because they do not know any better. The Organic Galaxy team wants to help change all that. At OG we want to help make a Healthier, Happier Living for everybody.

When you buy OG products you are helping to be apart of the solution. Each purchase you make from the Organic Galaxy website you help to fund our research for new ways fungi can be used to reestablish healthy soils all over the world. Landbased life forms depend on healthy soils for survival, so help be a part of the Soilution!

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