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Let’s Talk About Mushrooms! At Organic Galaxy, making ourselves available for communication is very important. We have multiple methods for you to contact us. Our newest feature is the live feature we added to the website.

It’s very likely that if you look to the right corner of your screen you will see the icon. Go ahead click it now and send us a message. If you have questions about our products shoot us a quick message. If you want to leave feedback to help us improve, just type it in the box and click send.

Someone will get back with you to answer questions, resolve problems or listen about your experience with us. We want you to have such a positive experience it inspires you to push further into the world of fungi.

Let’s Talk About Mushrooms

At Organic Galaxy, we want you to be a team you can trust. You need someone you can rely on. Someone to always offer a helping hand. We know that this starts with communication and making ourselves available to you.

We are available most daylight hours. If you leave a messaging while we are closed you will be prompted to leave your email address. We want to make it as easy as we can for you to reach someone you can talk to.

The only thing we love more than mushrooms is being able to talk about mushrooms with people who actually want to hear about them. So go ahead… shoot us a message. Let’s talk about mushrooms, we’re looking forward to it.

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