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Redman said it best “Let’s get dirty!” Most likely we mean it in a different way than he does. Since we are biased we think our meaning is more important. Soil treatment service is here! Your beautiful plants have been gobbling up nutrients all spring and summer and now its time to put them back.

We treat the soil the old fashioned way. No, not your grandpa’s way but your mother’s way. Mother Earth that is and we follow her lead when we apply fungi to help boost ecosystems. The product we apply is “living” and all natural. It is against our standards at Organic Galaxy to use harsh chemicals.

Here is how it works… when you call Organic Galaxy to treat your soil we prepare a live culture liquid. This means we make a nutrient-rich broth and allow mycelial fragments to ferment the nutrients. When this “living liquid” is ready we transport it the site. We put down agricultural waste such as straw as a food source for the fungi to eat.

With the straw in place we spray it with our “live culture liquid”. The fragments of the mycelium in the broth land on the straw and will begin to colonize it. The fungus begins eating the straw and breaks it down into humus which is packed full of nutrients. Next season’s plants will feast on the buffet thats been provided for them.

Call Us Today!

Call Organic Galaxy today and schedule your soil treatment. Soil areas up to 100 square feet are only $129 to treat! Now we have a newly developed product that makes the process more timely and efficient. We want all of our clients to get affordable soil care. Furthermore, soil is a necessity of life and it is important we take care of it. Contact us right now and say “Let’s get dirty!”


For more information about this service check out our Soil Treatment & Conditioning page.


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