Gourmet Mushroom Spawn & Cultures.

Gourmet Mushroom Spawn & Cultures. Various species of fungi in petri dishes. Enable images to view.

Organic Galaxy is proud to present our newest products. Gourmet Mushroom Spawn & Cultures are available now. Whether you want to grow mushrooms at home or your place of business we can meet your needs. These new products are all made to order to ensure you are receiving a fantastic quality mycelium. 

It is important to us that we provide affordable products. We know that not all mycologist have an abundant source of income. However, wealthy or not, we absolutely need more mycologist fighting the good fight. This is why we chose not to sell our products at ridiculous prices like some of our competitors. Every region of the world needs a mycologist to look after things. 

The Gourmet Mushroom Cultures & Spawn that we offer are the very same we use at the Organic Galaxy Mushroom Farm. It goes against our standards to sell our customers a product that we would not use ourselves. Anything shipped to you from Organic Galaxy is produced from the same master cultures we use to repair soil, filter water and produce delicious gourmet mushrooms. 

What is your purpose here?

These are the gifts that keep on giving and allow to weld a certain power when you possess these species of fungi. You will have the allies you need to condition soil where you live and filter toxic heavy metals from water. When you order cultures from us think outside the box and experiment. Discover new ways that fungi can be incorporated to make a positive impact on your community. 

I hope you enjoy these products as much as we do. We work with them every single day and we also are finding new species out in the wild to add to our culture bank. It is our mission to promote a healthier, happier living for everyone and we find new motivation when you order Gourmet Mushroom Spawn & Cultures from us to do the same. 


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