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Gourmet Mushroom Cultures Sale

Gourmet Mushroom Cultures Sale! Use coupon code “FUNGALLYDEVOTED” on and get 15% off your next purchase at the Organic Galaxy shop. We are proud to offer high-quality mushroom cultures to our customers. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg for cultures that help you to be successful.

When you make a purchase from Organic Galaxy, it is something you can be proud of. You are helping to fund our projects that focus on environmental restoration. Every culture or culture pack you buy, you are helping to restore the ecosystems we so desperately need for survival.

Soil remediation is only the beginning. The Organic Galaxy team is patiently waiting for the moment we can go full Captain Planet on the world. We are constantly learning new ways that we can apply fungi to reverse environmental damage. You help fuel that mission by being loyal customers.

Gourmet Mushroom Cultures Sale! Your favorite mushroom cultures for a limited time are available for an even lower price when you use the coupon code “FUNGALLYDEVOTED”. Check out our gourmet cultures by clicking here. For discounted culture packs click here.

We are always adding new species to our culture bank. Our customers are important to us and because of this, we are always adding new species to the culture bank. Always making sure they are of strong genetics so that you don’t have to wonder what kind of results you might get.

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