friday spotlight - king oyster

Today’s Friday Spotlight – King Oyster. A delightful and delicious mushroom. From our experience when it comes to quality this mushroom is the very best because the whole fruit can be eaten. Out of the whole Oyster family, it is the best tasting. Pair this with its ease of cultivation, it is a prime candidate for beginner and experienced cultivators.

This is post has been created to accompany the Friday Fungal Feature – King Oyster.

Preferred Growth Parameters

Spawn Running

Incubation Temps: 65 – 85º F

Duration: 10 – 14 Days

Fruitbody Development

Temps: 65 – 85º F

Relative Humidity: 85 – 95%


Primordia: 5 – 10 Days

Fruitbody: 5 – 10 Days

Spawn Making

1st and 2nd Generation should be grains, i.e. Rye, Oats, Millet etc. 3rd Generation should be supplemented sawdust spawn. This species does well blended in sterilized water and then poured over grains. At Organic Galaxy, we free pour into bags and jars pf grains directly after blending.

Substrates For Fruiting

This is a species that will fruit mushrooms on a variety of different substrates. Supplemented sawdust, wheat straw, paper by-products etc. For outdoor cultivation, I’ve witnessed this mushroom fruit abundantly on hardwood chip beds, logs, and stumps.

Containers for fruiting can be bags, trays, and bottles. Vertical straw logs aka columns can be used but experience has taught us that this mushroom performs better using top fruiting methods. This species does not require a cold shock to initiate fruiting.

Friday Spotlight – King Oyster

This species has an aggressive growing mycelium that takes over substrates quickly. Which makes it an excellent candidate for cultivators that have less than ideal growing conditions. An abundant fruiting species, with proper parameters 100% biological efficiency can be achieved.

This is a mushroom that can be sauteed, roasted, can be used to make soups or gravies. The author of this post claims that King Oyster Mushrooms are his favorite to eat of all cultivated mushrooms.

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