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Cultures & Spawn Membership Program

Now introducing the new Cultures & Spawn Membership Program.

Change is inevitable. The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus once said “The only constant in life is change”. In life, we either adapt to the changes it presents or we, unfortunately, get left behind.

That’s why we are changing things up at Organic Galaxy so that we can meet all the exciting demands of the ever evolving world of mushrooms.

It’s been exciting and amazing to watch you grow over the years as we have grown with you. It has been a great pleasure and honor to be your vendor as you were growing your operation. Now you’ve grown into a successful commercial mushroom farm and right by your side we have grown with you.

Organic Galaxy is transitioning to meet the demands of the market. Our production department is now in full force to begin the production of commercial mushroom cultures & spawn.

Setting a new standard

However, we want to do things a little differently. We don’t think that it is in the best interest of anyone for us to mass produce cultures & spawn. We decided to not have products sitting around warehouses and refrigerators waiting to be ordered.

Instead, we want to produce exclusively for you. We want you to be one of our exclusive members. We’ve designed a program with limited seating and is only available to the best cultivators.

The days of nameless and faceless online ordering are over. We want to get to know our members. We want to learn your cultivation schedule so you can get what you need when you need it.

When you get an Organic Galaxy product you already know you’re getting the elite quality that outperforms the generic warehouse competition. Made for you you and shipped to you when you need it.

At Organic Galaxy we believe this is the treatment you deserve. Commercial mushroom cultivation is not for the faint of heart. To be successful you have to endure many hardships and struggles.

We hear you and we see you! We want you to know that we are on your team.

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