Spring is around the corner in 2019. Flowers will bloom, crops will be planted, & we will be still be working for better soil. Its time to face facts, we give our soil the royal workout. Plant, harvest till… plant, harvest, till, etc. When do we take the time to appreciate our soil the way it deserves? We would all be dead without it. At Organic Galaxy we always keep that in mind. So when it comes to soil, compost & mulch. We do it better.

Soil degradation is real… we’ve talked about it in previous posts so we won’t visit it again right now. For now, let’s consider what best for our plants. The vegetation where harvest our crops deserves healthy soil too. It should go without saying, but we eat that stuff. With this in mind wouldn’t it be more beneficial to eat from foods produced from clean and healthy soil? This is where we come in.

I say we do it better, but I don’t mean that we produce and offer compost & mulch. We have an all natural additive that make soil stronger, healthier and cleaner. We have species of fungi that help to alleviate toxic heavy metals and parasitic organisms that are ready and willing to wreak havoc on your valuable vegetation. Who has the time and money for that?

I’ve noticed an unhealthy trend with mulch over the last few years. I’ve witnessed as consumers purchase it and install it on their property. A few weeks later some mushrooms pop up and they aren’t the kind of mushrooms you want to see. The dreaded honey mushrooms, a parasitic fungus, will infect and kill your living trees. They operate by killing their plant host before they eat it. As the mycelium expands infecting one tree to the next before you know it all the trees on your property are diseased and dying.

There is a solution and we can help. The fungi in our arsenal are saprophytic, meaning they only feed on dead organic matter. They are non-invasive species of fungi that won’t harm your plants and at the same time replenish nutrients in your soil. The cherry on top is the protection it provides by keeping unwanted organisms out and removing toxic pollutants. To learn more about this service check this link ou here https://www.organic-galaxy.com/service/soil-treatment-conditioning/

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