So you’ve come to learn more about us, huh? So what is our deal with all this mushroom stuff? We love it for very good reasons. Gourmet mushrooms are delicious and all. Yes, growing fungi and learning new ways to cultivate is certainly fun for us (biased). Organic Galaxy is a lover of the environment and the Planet Earth that we all call home. 

I was early in the 2000’s when we first learned about mushrooms being beneficial for the environment. While watching a Ted Talk featuring Paul Stamets… and WHAT? You can clean up petroleum with mushroom mycelium? Down the rabbit hole we went. Following it all the down to learn everything our brains could possibly absorb about the wonderful benefits of fungi.

Fungal applications have a ton of avenues to be explored. When we developed the idea of Organic Galaxy it was a no-brainer when it came down to what our primary focus would be. We decided it was our mission to look after soil and water with our fungal allies. All of our services are intended to serve one of the two.

Mushrooms are what we do… all day.

Sure we have a webshop but it is not our primary source of income. Nor would we ever want it to be. The purpose of our online store is to help us fund our research so that we can provide more efficient and less costly services for our clients. We want this to be as effective and affordable as we can possibly make it. Whenever we complete a project we sit down and brainstorm on what we can do to make it more efficient the next time.

We have come a long way but we are only just getting started. At Organic Galaxy we have childlike enthusiasm, complimented with hilarious smart-ass attitudes, but professional skillsets that get the job done. Furthermore, about us, we are always willing to find an effective way to stick our fungi in places some used to think it didn’t belong… but it does.

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