Compost just went to a whole new level!

Live Mushroom Mulch

We’re leveling up on the composting game with our “Live Mushroom Mulch” This product is not a byproduct of spent mushroom substrate. This is living mycelium colonized. So as the mycelium colonizes and breaks down the wood chips its also colonizing your preexisting soil adding multiple benefits.

Live Mushroom Mulch In Cincinnati, Ohio

Our live culture soil treatment just experienced and upgrade. We leveled this bad boy up to a product we are calling live mushroom mulch. In other words, this new product will generate compost on site and will carry with it the protective benefits that mushroom mycelium can provide.

Mushroom mycelium will prevent soil compaction, soil erosion, and reduce the chances of degradation. Our product generates new humus deposits from the wood chips and organic debris its growing on. Furthermore, this living mulch preferred species of mushroom mycelium can be selected so that we can target your specific needs.

Those who are gardeners, land owners, and/or farmers that are concerned with their soil please contact us today. This product is perfect for mulching around trees, bushes and shrubs. Furthermore, it can help alleviate bald patches in your lawn. Land owners that are victims of dead soils should call us immediately so that we can develop and action plan to bring your land back to life.

We are excited about the development of this game changing product. With this living mulch you are providing your soils and added protection provided by the mushroom mycelium. Who knew mushrooms can offer so many outstanding benefits.

The creation of this new product will revolutionize the way we compost and mulch our lawns and gardens. If you are interested in this product and would like to learn more please contact us today at 513-274-7507 or click here ——->

live mushroom mulch

This is an example of soil erosion.

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