Mushroom in the Environment

Mushrooms in the Environment

mushrooms in the environment

As some of you know, Organic Galaxy is a fungal research and cultivation company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. What does that even mean? It means we deal in fungi… duh. More specifically, we deal in mush

rooms. Now, of course we grow mushrooms for food. I mean its how this whole thing started, but we are a curious bunch and wanted to explore mushrooms more intimately to see what else they could do.

We wanted to know what purpose mushrooms/fungi served within the environment. We were curious to know what benefits they bring to natural habitats and ecosystems. As questions led to resources to more questions, we finally started finding answers. It turns out that fungi bring a wide spectrum of benefits to the environment.

Within the scope of our research we focus on soil and water. These are sources the sources of fertility on Earth and life could not be supported without them. Of all functions and purposes that fungi serve, the most basic of them is creating new soil. Saprophytic or saparobic fungi feed on dead organic matter to generate the beginning stage of new soil.

Reverse Ecological Damage

We are passionate about the benefits of mushrooms in the environment and educating communities. We have prepared a hands on workshop to teach the people of Earth how to apply this information to to restore healthy soil in their area. People concerned with the environment, perhaps ecosystems, or soil… this workshop is for you.

It’s time to learn the how and why mushrooms aren’t just for dinner anymore. Fungi is a promising ally in the efforts to restore an ecological balance that will help create a healthier, happier living for everyone. Organic Galaxy is company that focuses on growing mushrooms for not only food, but to help to repair damaged ecosystems that threaten the safety of our future.


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