Water is a necessity! What we can do about contaminated water.

Water contamination is real and its bad news for all of us.

October 27, 2017mushrooms can restore clean natural water. Water is a necessity

Water is a necessity!

It seems almost apocalyptic in modern times. The western United States was on fire, south of the country got their asses kicked by hurricanes and now… Water all over the globe is becoming contaminated.

Water is a necessity! We all depend on it for survival as do all living things on Earth. As we all go through life taking it for granted because its always been there we are finding out major bodies of water are becoming contaminated. The same bodies of water that are the drinking water supply for many, many people.

It is a cause for concern but it is not the time for panic. This is our time to act and make things right. We need to modify our behavior and reestablish a natural equilibrium with our environment. It is time for CHANGE.

But there is hope!

I started Organic Galaxy to take on problems like this. To prevent catastrophes that threaten our survival as a species as well as all other living things. We are now in research and development for ways to utilize fungi as a filtration membrane to remove toxins and harmful bacteria that threat

en the precious water we all depend on so much.

In order for us to be successful and move forward with these developments we will need funding and this where you come in. We are selling hoodies to raise the money needed to research and develop solutions to free our waters from harmful contaminants.

When I first started Organic Galaxy I mentioned that I would never accept funding from a large corporation. I would never allow large companies to have a say in how we can resolve

our current water situations or use the information we gather to be used to “greenwash” questionable procedures and continue to ruin our beloved Planet Earth.

I’m asking you to stand with me now and please order a hoodie today and help fund our fungal filtration research. This truly is an investment for the future.

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Help us to promote a healthier, happier living for everyone.

Myconomics: Earth Hoodie. Get yours today to help restore a healthier environment. Water is a necessityMyconomics: Earth Organic Galaxy campaign to restore a healthy environment with fungi. Water is a necessity.

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