Game Changer!! Crop Soil Restoration.

Mushrooms Can Heal Soil!

Mushrooms can heal soil. Mushrooms mycelium is some pretty magical stuff.

Mushrooms can heal soil! Organic Galaxy offers it’s services to aid in crop soil restoration with plant beneficial fungi to help reverse soil breakdown. Are you a farmer or know a farmer struggling with soil conditions? Have you noticed lately that soils are depleting or the a chemical build up occurring due to the herbicide you’ve been using on your crops? There is a solution to this problem and it’s fungi. We’ve selected a few species of fungi that we combine to create an adaptive team that will help restore soils, reduce glyphosate and AMPA, and help with alleviating water repellency and accelerated soil erosion. By allowing this beneficial fungi to settle and make a home in your farmland soils you will also have a defense against coliform bacteria.

If you are interested in taking steps in restoring the soils where you grow crops please contact us to discuss an action plan that we will customize for your farm. We understand that each farm is different with different environmental characteristics and we will take the time to understand your soils and what their needs are. Please feel free to contact us by:


Phone: (513) 274-7507

Contact Page:

We are interested to hear from farmers who are looking for assistance in producing healthier crops with richer yields. Crops that are free from biological and chemical contaminants. Organic Galaxy takes pride in the services and products we offer and will go the extra mile to ensure the quality of your soil improves with each passing year. Contact us today!

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