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The very best in commercial cultures & spawn.

The Mission

The ultimate goal is to repair damaged ecosystems with fungi. We also understand that it will take more than us to make an impact. This is exactly why we have positioned ourselves as a supplier of commercial cultures and spawn for mushroom farmers.

We decided that instead of trying to compete with other mushroom farms, we would much rather help and assist them. The goal is to get as many people as possible to dedicate their lives to growing mushrooms.

We want to be your supplier and help you to produce the very best mushrooms in your community. Also, we don’t want to be your run of the mill vendor. We want to learn more about your operation. We want to have your schedule on record so that we can have your cultures or spawn ready when you need it.

Forget searching around and hoping your go to company has what you need in stock. If it happens that they don’t have what you need you have to look else where. Consequently, this effects the consistency and quality of your mushrooms.

With Organic Galaxy in your corner, you can put those worries behind you. We’re ready to hear from you in advance so we can prepare what you need to order. This way you get it fresh and on time to get the desired results over and over again.

We want to know about your preferred strains, not just species, and keep that information on file. Our culture library is constantly growing with new genetic strains.

Tell us what you want. We are very eager to learn about your project goals so that we can help make them a reality. Your success is our success!

Please take a few moments to look through the website to see what we have to offer.

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