Welcome! You made it to the Organic Galaxy HQ! Organic Galaxy or OG as we like to call it at the mother ship is a fungal applications company. So you are probably wondering what that even means. It means that we research new ways that we can use fungi for ecological repair. 

The Organic Galaxy mission is to promote a healthier, happier living for everyone. This company was started with that mission in mind. We already knew that we wanted to be so much more than just a producer of gourmet mushrooms. We’ve come to make a positive impact on the world. To shine bright like a beacon of hope for those lost in a dark world. 

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Tell those MycoJerks to SHOVE IT!
Tell those MycoJerks to SHOVE IT!
I know, I know. I get how frustrating it can be when your are shopping around for cultures and you
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Stop paying for soil!
I recently found out that farmers are spending an obscene amount of money to have “new” soil shipped in each
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Water Filtration With Fungi
Water Filtration With Fungi. LIFE without WATER? None.
Water is a necessity. Life it utterly impossible without water and it is our most overlooked resource. We’ve entered a
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Soil Treatment & Conditioning. Enable images to view
Soil Treatment & Conditioning.
Our Soil Treatment & Conditioning service will help replenish your soil with vital nutrients for next season. This is a high
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